Sunday school

These ongoing classes meet on a regular basis and offer a place to connect with others and GROW in faith! Most classes are a mix of all ages. Together the group determines the topics for study. You are welcome to join in at any time!


Agape / Tom Jackson (678.355.0464)
Topical studies & Bible studies
(Singles & couples age 60 & older / Room # S242-South Campus, Building C)
Alpha Omega / Ron Moore (678.644.5168)
We draw closer to Christ through Christian book studies in a group discussion. (Singles & couples in their 50’s and up / #N207 The Loft - Building A, North Campus)
Four Seasons / Facilitator - Janet Holbrook (770.427.5922)
President: Dale McArthur
Bible studies and contemporary topics, discussion class, led by a facilitator
(50's to 70+, singles & couples / Room # S219-South Campus, Building C)
Harvesters / Leader Rotation, Contact Tammy Teague (770-823-3757)
Topical studies & Bible studies
(Parents with middle school-aged children to young adults / Room # S240-South Campus, Building C)
John Wesley / Beth Andersen  
Scripture reading and small group discussion
(All ages / Room # S228-South Campus, Building C)
Naomi Ruth / Marianna Drinkard (770.427.4240) & Sandy Wieck (770.419.1755)
Women’s discussion class based on books of the Bible
(Ladies 30+ / Room # N205-North Campus, Building A)
Noah's Ark (Special Needs Adult Sunday School) / Contact: Rich Chapman (678.485.4992) & Gwen Harp
Curriculum and activities designed to meet appropriate needs.  The teachers are trained and provide a caring environment in which each person can experience God's love
(Room # N204-North Campus, Building A)
Seekers / Leader Rotation, Contact Barbara Haberly
Quarterly curriculum approved by the UMC General Board of Discipleship
(Ages 60+ / Room # N203-North Campus, Building A)
Stepping Into the Bible / Ron Hoover (678.354.1561)
Growing in Discipleship through fellowship, study of God's Word and mission support
(All ages / The Cottage)