Weekly Devotional

Weekly Devotional


Week of May 19 - May 25

Opening Prayer:

Lord, I am an ordinary person. Please show me how You will use this ordinary person to do extraordinary things in the name of Christ.  Amen.  

Daily Scripture Readings:

Monday           Judges 4
Tuesday           Judges 5
Wednesday     Exodus 2:1-10
Thursday         1 Samuel 17
Friday              Matthew 13:53-58
Saturday         Acts 4:1-22
Sunday            Psalm 100


Over and over, we see God raise up unlikely heroes. Ordinary people who do extraordinary work for God. Judges 4 and 5 tell the story of Deborah, a woman, called to serve as the leader of Israel.  In Exodus 2:1-10, we read the story of Moses being saved by his mother’s bravery and quick thinking. 1 Samuel 17 reminds us that David was “but a youth” when he fought and defeated the Philistine giant. Matthew 13 reminds us Jesus was described as “the carpenter’s son” by those in his hometown, and was disregarded. Acts 4:13 describe Peter and John as “uneducated, common men.” God does not need mighty men or women to accomplish God’s purposes. Over and over, God uses unlikely people to serve in heroic ways.

As you go through the week, pray that God would show you your own “superpower.” How might God use you to build God’s kingdom?  Could you speak love into a difficult situation?  Might you offer forgiveness to someone the world says does not deserve to be forgiven?  Could you take a meal to a family or friend in need? Maybe your neighbor needs a ride to the doctor, could you help? Sometimes, it is the smallest gesture that makes the greatest impact.  Remember that our identity is not in our own ability, but our identity is in Christ and the ability we have because Christ’s love lives within us.