Weekly devotional

Weekly Devotional


Week of February 18 - February 24

Opening Prayer:

Father, you show Your almighty power in Your mercy and forgiveness. Continue to fill us with Your gifts of love. Help us to hurry towards the eternal life You promise and come to share in the joys of Your kingdom. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.*

Daily Scripture Readings:

Monday         Luke 9:57-62
Tuesday          Acts 20:22-24
Wednesday    Genesis 29:1-12
Thursday        Genesis 29:14b-20
Friday             Nehemiah 5:17-19
Saturday         Nehemiah 6:1-3
Sunday           Mark 6:45-46


I recently read the book When by Daniel Pink. The subtitle of the book is “The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.”  He talks about the importance of timing in many aspects of life.  Early in the book he talks about each of us having a natural rhythm in our day.  Have you noticed that you consistently have more energy or less energy about the same time each day?  That is part of the timing of your day.  Included in this, he says, is our ability to focus.  There are times of the day we simply are more able to focus on a task.  Understanding this, and using it to our advantage is a helpful skill.  But an aspect at least as important as “when” to focus is the “object” of our focus. Are your energies focused on things that are here today and gone tomorrow?  Or are you focused on who God is calling you to be?


What am I focused on?

Does that focus move me nearer or farther away from Christ Jesus?


*The prayer is from the website http://ocarm.org