Weekly devotional

Weekly Devotional


Week of October 14 - October 20

Opening Prayer:

Lord, today I come to You for strength.  Your word says You are my strength and shield.  You promise to be with me always.  And so in those times when it seems to me that there is no way out, when it seems to me that the walls are closing in, when it seems to me that I am trapped, remind me that You are God.

Let me see not limits, but possibilities.   Let me, like the Apostle Paul, see only opportunities to serve You.

Daily Scripture Readings:

Monday         Acts 16:11-40
Tuesday          Isaiah 43:1-3
Wednesday    Psalm 27:1-3
Thursday        Luke 12:25-26
Friday             Psalm 145:18-19
Saturday         I Peter 5:7
Sunday           Philippians 2:1-11


Remember, Paul was the prisoner of Caesar, having committed himself to Caesar's judgment hall. As such he was under the care of the picked palace guard. Paul sees in this the marvelous working of the grace of God. Instead of being discouraged, he is highly encouraged. He must have been thrilled that God had worked out a special training school, for one-by-one, these soldiers, the pick of the empire, were brought to him, and chained to him so they couldn't get away for six hours, and he had a chance to preach to them all that time. Now if you want to feel sorry for someone, don't feel sorry for Paul. Feel sorry for the Roman soldiers, chained to this man, and exposed to the testimony and life of this radiant Christian. They went out changed men, unquestionably. In the closing salutation of this letter you will notice that he refers to the saints in Caesar's household. That is revealing. Evidently there were those out of the very heart of the palace who had become Christians, an infiltration of the gospel into Caesar's household by means of this exposure Paul had to the palace guard as these soldiers are brought to him one-by-one. You see the spirit of God can start anywhere. No wonder Paul was encouraged, as out of adversity there was advancement of the gospel.

Ray Stedman