Weekly devotional

Weekly Devotional


Week of December 9 - December 15


Opening Prayer

Dear Jesus, You are the hope in our messy world. This Advent, help us slow down, listen to Your voice, and focus on what’s really important. We place our hope in You as we prepare our hearts to celebrate Your birth on Christmas. Amen.

Daily Scripture Readings

Monday           Exodus 20:21-23
Tuesday           Acts 11:8-10
Wednesday     Malachi 3:5-7
Thursday         John 12:27-29
Friday              Deuteronomy 4:35-37
Saturday          Revelation 14:1-3
Sunday            Luke 1:26-38


 It happens to every single person alive, even to those whom theretofore hadn’t prayed - a time of desperation or longing when we cry out to God, “Fix this.  Change this.  Heal this.”  And we hear nothing in response.  What does it mean when God is silent in the face of our anguished pleas?  Does it mean He doesn’t care, or worse, He doesn’t even exist?

I’ve experienced the quiet echoes of prayers unanswered.  When my mother lay in her hospital bed unconscious, doctors explained that her brain was dead and she’d never wake up.  I begged God to prove them wrong.  She never again responded to my voice or looked into my eyes and soon slipped away from this world permanently while God was silent.

Christians are quick to share stories of answered prayers and feel-good miracles, but not so verbal about times when pain and strife persisted in spite of faithful prayer.  These stories are just as important because the outcome for those who remain faithful is still victory.  God will eventually let His presence be felt and His voice be heard again when the waiting is over.

Have you ever experienced God’s silence?  Did your faith waiver?  Did He ever speak up?  If you’re still in a quiet place, keep listening, you’ll surely hear from Him soon. 

- Diane Markins


 “What do you think God is trying to teach you while you are waiting?”