"Pray without ceasing" admonishes St. Paul (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Prayer is important to the life of our church. Please join us in praying about joys and concerns of our people; and if you wish to request prayer, you may submit a request below...

Prayer Request Form

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.

Our Joys, Our Concerns

Please remember to pray for the United Methodist Church each Monday at noon.

New Concerns

Rudd Family (upon the passing of Tom Rudd), Jacob (Hope Church Youth Pastor passed away), Charlotte Griffin (baby having some medical issues), Rob Matthews (brother of Hank Matthews, hospitalized), Kerri Casteel's Father (recovering from surgery),  Nell Perry (recovering from surgery), Jacob Luders (Jacob and many fraternity brothers sick with COVID-19), Shock Family (illness), Prayer for those with COVID-19, Unspoken Prayers.

On-going Concerns (Alphabetical Order)

Michael Alfieri, Betty Andrew, Andrea Bloom, Herman Cantrell, Joy Cantrell, Jim Danowski, Sidney Dassinger, Paul Davis, Braswell Deen, Jr., Carolyn Douglass, Tyson Flugstad, Douglas Huggins, Frances Hunter, Jack Johnston, Jerry Kilthau, Florence McGlamery, Chris Phillips, Carmen Platt,  Dot Sanders, Rev. Byron Scott

Military Concerns (Alphabetical Order)

All of our American military and those active duty who are connected to Due West UMC are: Kevin Blevins, Rob Carey, SFC Aaron M. Causey, CAPT Bill Edge, Major Christopher Goddard, Kyle Haberly, Reid Hamilton, Jacob Shell, Chris Williams

Cancer Concerns (Alphabetical Order)

Hailey Amick, Gary Arnold, Tommy Arthur, Tony Aspin, Eric Auger, Elaine Badelt, Landon Baggett, Bob Baldwin, Danny Bates, Lula Becht, Debbie Bianchi, Drew Brandon, Ashlie Brazelton, Curtis Brown, Gail Buffington, Joy Burkett, Stephanie Busbee, Kelsey Butti, Muna Calvert, Barbara Camerl, Rose Chase, Caroline Clayton, Glee Coffeen, Jason Collins, Jazeri Comstock, Ed Craig, Mark Curlee, Cindy Daughtery, Kayla Doss, Ricky Downen, Marilyn Eddington, Cathy Eisen, Kathie Elliott, Patrick Fallin, John Fanning, Mary Ferguson, Dawn Ford, David Franks, Katherine Fussell, Robert Graves, Darlene Growchowski, Harry Growchowski, Darla Guiden, Les Hanger, Alice Harbin, Maddie Harris, Johanna Hawf, Jean Hehn, Kevin Hickey, Randy Hinton, Phyllis Hislop, Ruth House, Kelly Hughes, Matthew Hughs, Jennifer James, Michele Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Joyce Jones, Dave Kempton, Liz Kenny, Kathy Keller, Mary Kirk, John Koval, Gary Lambert, Patrick Lawrence, Larry Lee, Peggy Lingerfelt, Susy Lingerfelt, Sarah Livingston, Gary Margol, Don Massey, Lori Maughon, Joanne Mazula, Gary McDowell, Bill Miller, Dave Miller, Tommy Miller, Sr., Spencer Owen, Steve Padgett, Mike Paukstis, Anne Peabody, Dan Peterson, Carolyn Powell, Linda Powell, Sherry Preston, Kelly Pulliam, Lori Rasmussen, Doug Ritch, Damien Schaefer, Griffin Schunzel, Bill Shands, Kevin Sheehan, Carrie Snoddy, Martin Sommers, June Steel, Brenda Stephenson, Jamie Stewart, Allison Stokes, Sheila Stubbs, Lt. Colonel (Ret) Ted Sucher, Sharon Summerlin, Neda Swords, Beth Taylor, Simone Taylor, Dennis Thiets, Lynn Thompson, Pam Throm, Vete Toliusis, Pam Turley, Jim Turner, Molly Uhlir, Carnell Vick, Butch Wagner, Al Ward, Penny Warren, Eric Webb, Amber West, Karl Werginz, Maxine White, Kelly Wieboldt, Jim Williams, Kathy Wood, Karen Wooten, Dorothea Wurtz, Sheila Yates