Serving others and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to those who are far from God is the focus of Due West United Methodist Church.  By drawing inspiration from the person of Jesus and the teachings of the Bible, Due West United Methodist Church seeks to offer the hope and life of Jesus Christ to the poor, marginalized, and spiritually lost. 

Answering the Call to Serve:
Our service opportunities start with support to the church and the surrounding Due West communities.  Some take us to the busy streets of downtown Atlanta; others take us out side of Georgia and into neighboring states, and lastly there are mission trips throughout the year that serve around the world.  

Missions encompass providing meals, home maintenance repairs, homeless outreach, military support, supporting caregivers, assisting families in need, and so much more!!!

Here at DWUMC Missions, we want every person to be engaged in the missions’ ministry. We pray that you find a place to serve and join us as we live out the Due West Mission Statement, “Making Disciples out of Followers and Followers out Wanderers.”

Local Missions  (Church & Community)

Regional Missions (Greater Atlanta & Beyond)

Global Missions (Missions Around the World)

Mission Highlights