Children's Church


Children of all ages are encouraged to worship regularly with their families. However, since some of our youngest worshippers find it difficult to sit through an entire worship service, we offer Children’s Church for children age 3-1st Grade.

Children’s Church meets during the 9:39 & 11:05 services.  Children (age 3 – 1st Grade) are invited to attend.  At the contemporary service, the children head straight to the classroom (located in Room S226) before the service.   At the traditional service, children are dismissed from the service following the Children’s Message.

At Children’s Church, they will continue learning about God's love, Jesus, the Bible and other things that will help them be able to relate these to their world today. Certain aspects of the traditional service will be incorporated into Children’s Church, allowing kids to become familiar with traditions like collecting the offering, reciting the Lord’s Prayer, and hearing Bible verses. It is an important goal of the Due West UMC Children’s Ministry to prepare children for full participation in congregational worship.

Following the service, parents need to pick up their children from Room N102 if attending the 11:05 traditional services, or Room S226 in the South Campus if attending the 9:39 contemporary service.

July Children's Church

God Wants Us to Follow His Directions

The kids in CHILDREN’S CHURCH will spend July learning about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, VeggieTales-style.  Each week they will watch a clip from the movie and then participate in engaging experiences that tie-in to the video.


Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Church...

What is the purpose of Children's Church?

The purpose of Children’s Church is to prepare children for full participation in congregational worship.  Some children are able to learn this entirely from sitting with and watching their parents take part in the service. Others need to be “eased” into staying for the whole service. Children’s Church gives these young worshippers to opportunity to participate in just the beginning of the service and offers them an alternative for the rest of the hour.

Does my child (age 3-1st Grade) HAVE to exit to Children’s Church after the children’s sermon?

Absolutely not. Children of all ages are welcome to remain in our services.

My child is nervous about going to Children's Church. Can his older sibling accompany him?

No. If your child needs some time to adjust to the new routine of Children’s Church, his parents are welcome to come along and ease the transition. Older siblings should remain in the worship service.

My child is older than 7, but has difficulty sitting still in the worship service. Can she still exit with the children after the children’s sermon and attend Children’s Church?

No. Children’s Church is for children ages 3-1st Grade. The lessons and activities are designed for this age range.  Children who have completed 1st Grade should return to sit with their parents following the children’s sermon.

Can my older child be a Children’s Church “helper”?

We welcome both adult and youth helpers in Children’s Church. Youth helpers need to be a 6th grader or older. Contact the Children’s Church Leader about being added to the schedule.

Do you collect offering and where does it go?

We use real offering plates to collect offering in Children’s Church – they are just preschool size! The money collected is used to support the Children’s Ministry mission of the month.

At what age is my child too old to go forward for the Children's Sermon?

Children, age 1-100, are welcome to sit in the front of the church for the Children’s Sermon. There is no age limitation for prime seating during this time with the pastor.  However, only children age 3 (as of September 1 of current school year) - 1st Grade exit and participate in Children’s Church. Older “children” should remain in the worship service.

My child turned 3 this week. Can he attend Children's Church this Sunday?

No. We promote children in August. All children who have turned 3 during the year or who will be 3 by September 1 are promoted from nursery on the same date and are eligible for participation in either Sunday School or Children’s Church or both.