November 15, 2020

Opening Prayer:
Gracious God, this year so many people have felt isolated. Remind us that we are
always connected to You. You are the vine and we are the branches. Let us stay
connected and bear fruit. In Jesus name, AMEN

Daily Scripture Readings:
Monday         John 15:9-17
Tuesday         John 15:18-25
Wednesday     John 15:26-27
Thursday        John 16:1-11
Friday             John 16:12-15
Saturday        Check w/Lathem

Looking past the full leaves and colorful fruit, amazing discoveries can be found by
studying the grapevine. This woody vine is considered a perennial and is present at all
seasons of the year. It is cultivated to produce useful fruits.
In order to fulfill its purpose, the vine must be lifted up to send out branches that will
bear fruit. The vine’s main function is to draw water and nutrients to provide the shoots
with everything they need to promote growth. Clusters of grapes are produced. Some
are sweet, yet others are sour.
Under the care of the vinedresser, the grapevine is prepared for the best opportunity to
raise crops. This is done through pruning. Pruning is the most important part of the
growing process. If the branches are not pruned, they become unmanageable and draw
energy away from being fruitful. This will lead to the death of the vine. Trimming the
shoots and removing the excess allows the branches to produce a higher quality fruit.
Jesus is our true vine. Through Him, we receive everything we need to be strengthened
in the faith. Separated from the vine, we wither and die. God the Father lifted up Jesus,
so that in Him we may live and bear fruit. He prunes away the excess things that will
draw energy away from what is needed. As a testament to God’s work in us, we are
able to bear much fruit.
Jennifer Probst