Weekly devotional

Weekly Devotional


Week of August 13 - August 19

Opening Prayer:

Almighty God, in Whom I find life, health, and strength and through Whose mercy I am clothed and fed, grant unto me a thankful and faithful heart.  In the name and spirit of Christ.  Amen.

Daily Scripture Readings:

Monday         1 Kings 17
Tuesday          Luke 12: 1-21
Wednesday    Luke 12: 22-34
Thursday        1 Timothy 6: 1-19
Friday             2 Corinthians 10: 1-18
Saturday         Philippians 4: 10-20
Sunday           Luke 16: 19-31


St. Augustine makes a point about miracles in his discussion of the miracle at Cana.  “Our Lord’s miracle in turning water into wine comes as no surprise to those who know that it is God who did it.  At the wedding that day, He made wine in the six waterpots He had filled with water: but He does the same thing every year in the vines.  The servants put the water in the jugs, and He turned it into wine.  In the same way the Lord turns into wine the water that the clouds drop.  Only that does not amaze us, because it happens every year...So the Lord kept back certain unusual things for Himself to do, to wake us up with miracles to worship Him.”

The miracle that breaks the rules reminds us that the rules themselves are miraculous.


A – Adoration / C – Confession / T – Thanks
S – Supplication (Joys and Concerns of Our People)
Excerpts from: A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other
Servants – Rueben P. Job, Norman Shawchuck