Weekly devotional

Weekly Devotional


Week of December 10 - December 16

Opening Prayer:

God of power unconquerable and light unquenchable, look with favor upon Your servant.  By the power of Your Spirit at work within, transform and make fruitful my life and ministry.  In the name and Spirit of Christ.  Amen.

Daily Scripture Readings:

Monday         Ephesians 6: 10-17
Tuesday          Hebrews 12: 1-17
Wednesday    1 Peter 2: 7-12
Thursday        Philippians 3: 12-21
Friday             Matthew 23: 1-12
Saturday         Matthew 7: 13-23
Sunday           Matthew 5: 38-48


Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “Pray for me that I not loosen my grip on the hands of Jesus even under the guise of ministering to the poor.”  This is our first task: to grip the hands of Jesus with such tenacity that we are obliged to follow His lead, to seek first His Kingdom.

The next step is so simple I am almost embarrassed to mention it, and yet it is so important that I must.  Begin now to obey Him in every way you can.

From Freedom of Simplicity by Richard J. Foster


A – Adoration / C – Confession / T – Thanks
S – Supplication (Joys and Concerns of Our People)
Excerpts from: A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other
Servants – Rueben P. Job, Norman Shawchuck