Prayer Requests

Prayer Request

"Pray without ceasing" admonishes St. Paul (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Prayer is important to the life of our church. Please join us in praying about joys and concerns of our people; and if you wish to request prayer, you may submit a request via e-mail using the link below...

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Our Joys, Our Concerns

Week of June 18 - June 24


We are eternally grateful to our Father, God, who has taught grace & patience and is the ultimate role model for loving.  Happy Father’s Day!

New Concerns

Family of Jerry Delbrey (upon the passing of his mother, Illiam Delbrey); Family of Cathy & Bob Royer (both hurt in motorcycle accident, parents of Julie & Kim Lobdell’s son-in-law, Ryan); Nancy Rainey White (heart issues, mother of Elizabeth Weaver); Tony Bush (hospitalized); Lucy Kirkland (ear surgery); Family of Mason Taylor (safe travels for mission trip to Kazakhstan)

On-going Concerns (Alphabetical Order)

Russell Amsbaugh, Casson Barnes, Andrea Bloom, Drew Brandon,Daniel Brown, Tim Brumit, Kenn Cahall, Jonathan Campbell, Stephanie Carnejo, Sadie Cato, Beverly Clark, Inez Coffeen, Suzanne Donnolo, Jeff Dozier, James Dubiel, Charlie Everheart, Vicki Faulk, Mike Foster, Melanie Freeman, Nan Galik, Cade Galloway, Owen Gerstenberger, Ethel Hanger, Libby Hankins, Tate Highfield, Robert Huff, Frances Hunter, Chris Jackson, Delores Jenkins, Jack Johnston, Heidi Kallel, Susy Lingerfelt, Daniel Lister, Doris Martin, George Mitchell, Sally Mitchell, Mel Morris, Adam Nadrowski, Josh Nix, Ken Oliver, Steve Payne, Anne Peabody, Chris Phillips, Steven Pierce, Carmen Platt, Artur Põld, Carolyn Powell, Patricia Preston, Mary Rimer, Jo Ann Rinehart, Debbie Rosenow, Ellis Scarbrough, Kendall Schroeder, Rev. Byron Scott, Pat Shaw, Jeane Smith, Addyson & Jessica Staup, Allison Stokes, John Taylor, Kathy Thacker, Benjamin Thornton, Isabela Toscano, Kelsey Underwood, Shirley Valentine, Dawn Vickers, Al Ward, Carol Ward, Courtney Welch, Stephen Welch, Tripp West, Kaitlyn Zerkle

Military Concerns (Alphabetical Order)

All of our American military and those active duty who are connected to Due West UMC are: Kevin Blevins, Rob Carey, SFC Aaron M. Causey, CAPT Bill Edge, Christopher Goddard, Kyle Haberly, Reid Hamilton, Joshua Hughes, Chris Williams

Cancer Concerns (Alphabetical Order)

Gary Arnold, Tommy Arthur, Tony Aspin, Kevin Auger, Bob Baldwin, Danny Bates, Lula Becht, Drew Brandon, Ashlie Brazelton, Curtis Brown, Gail Buffington, Joy Burkett, Stephanie Busbee, Barbara Camerl, Rose Chase, Caroline Clayton, Jazeri Comstock, Ed Craig, Mark Curlee, Cindy Daughtery, Carolyn Dorff, Kayla Doss, Marilyn Eddington, Cathy Eisen, Mary Ferguson, Alan Fletcher, Dawn Ford, David Franks, Katherine Fussell, Lori Ellis Geib, Kay Grimm, Darlene Growchowski, Harry Growchowski, Les Hanger, Maddie Harris, Jean Hehn, Randy Hinton, Phyllis Hislop, Ruth House, Kelly Hughes, Gayle Hutto, Michele Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Joyce Jones, Dave Kempton, John Koval, Gary Lambert, Julienne Landwehr, Larry Lee, Peggy Lingerfelt, Mike Malone, Gary Margol, Don Massey, Lori Maughon, Gary McDowell, Bill Miller, Dave Miller, Cheryl Musial, Spencer Owen, Nancy Palmer, Anne Peabody, Carolyn Powell, Linda Powell, Harold Rich, Doug Ritch, Damien Schaefer, Griffin Schunzel, Bill Shands, Kevin Sheehan, Martin Sommers, June Steel, Jerry Stegall, Jamie Stewart, Allison Stokes, Sheila Stubbs, Sharon Summerlin, Neda Swords, Pam Throm, Pam Turley, Jim Turner, Carnell Vick, Char Wells, Amber West, Kathy Wood, Karl Werginz, Maxine White, Jim Williams, Dorothea Wurtz, Sheila Yates